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Laura Beth Robinson

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City of Oakville

City of Oakville

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Experimental Motion

Experimental Motion

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Small and Nameless

Small and Nameless

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"It's better to know and be disappointed
than to never know and always wonder."

There are many ways to tell a story. But for me, the best way to create or experience a story is through film. I want to contribute to projects that impact those watching and leave them just a little bit better of a person because of it.

For the past year I have been working as a full-time project / production coordinator at an advertising agency in the GTA called Toolbox Strategies. Prior to that I was a full time video editor and motion graphics designer at Bottled Media, in addition to freelance video jobs.

I attended Vancouver Film School in 2013 – 2014 where I was stretched to grow both personally and professionally by my instructors, classmates and mentors in motion design, user experience, interactive, and typography classes. You’ll find a lot of the projects I completed there on my portfolio.

I am very comfortable and proficient in Premiere Pro  and After Effects as well as the rest of the Adobe family of apps which I have on my own home computer allowing me to freelance from home. I’m familiar shooting video on Canon DSLRs and have recently switched the the Sony Alpha system.

Software Skill Level

Premiere Pro 90%
Illustrator 85%
After Effects 75%
Photoshop 72%
Final Cut Pro 65%
Cinema 4D 55%

Toolbox Strategies

Project/Production Coordinator

Toolbox is a marketing and advertising boutique specializing in the real estate industry. My role included briefing our design team on projects, maintaining set timelines, coordinating details for events, billing clients, communicating revisions and approvals between our team and the client as well as organizing assets and details for suppliers.

Bottled Media

Video Editor + Motion Graphics Designer

At this small but powerful production house I worked with a fantastic team to produce primarily not-for-profit promotional/informational content. I saw projects through to completion in the post-production world including color correcting and sound design. I also did some motion graphics, typography and production when needed.

Vancouver Film School

Digital Design (2013-2014)

During my one year intensive program I learned user experience, motion design, information architecture, typography, interaction design, project management and plenty of presentation and team work skills while receiving a “Best Portfolio” award upon graduation. 


In my spare time I like keep my editing and shooting skills sharp with some vlog style videos for YouTube based solely on my personal life. Through these projects I have a lot of fun, but also have the opportunity to experiment creatively. Hope you enjoy!

based in ottawa